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What is Printer Driver ?

The printer driver in simple terms is a program that gives a computer the ability to communicate and connect with a printer to enable it to send print requests. It consists of two primary parts: the first is to act as a link between printer and computer, thus enabling the machine to comprehend the details of the printer hardware, and the other part revolves around its transforming ability to change print job data into a language intelligible to the printer.

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updating printer driver on windows 10

Each printer is built with a special driver created specifically its setup for each operating system it will work with. Each printer must be installed on your computer. If it is not configured correctly or if the wrong driver is set up in the computer, the machine will not detect the printer accurately. However, some printers employ the services generic printer drivers included with the OS (like Windows 8), which allow printing without the need to install more drivers; However, this may prevent the user from exploiting the full abilities of the printer, as certain tools, functions and settings may not be available.

Why Do I Need To Update The Printer Driver?

When it comes to office machines, many companies plug in their new devices and expect them to work endlessly. However, like any other type of computer, printers must be updated regularly, and update drivers must be part of the printer’s maintenance routine.

In other words, a printer driver is a computer program that allows the software to communicate with a printer. Enable the device to understand (and use) the functions of the PC or mobile device. Printer manufacturers regularly release software updates.

Why should I update it?

There are several reasons why you may need to update your printer driver regularly. Among the most common are:

  • Problems with the printer: If the printer does not print correctly, has an error, or works intermittently, the printer driver may need to be updated.
  • Unable to print: The most common reason that a printer does not print is that the driver is damaged, corrupt, or missing. This is usually the result of a disconnection, which means that the device cannot detect files sent by the computer’s operating system. However, this can also happen because the driver was not installed correctly initially.
  • Connection to the computer operating system: As technology is continuously evolving, a manufacturer may need to update its driver to allow the computer to continue communicating with the operating system. If it is not updated and the old software is still in use, the machine may hang and operate inefficiently.
  • How To Update A Printer Driver: In relation to the printer model and the operating system, there may be several ways to complete an update of the printer driver. You can find out by consulting the manufacturer’s manual. However, some manufacturers offer an online service where you can analyze the problems encountered with a specific model. For example, if you have an HP laser printer, it is best to consult the manual or contact the HP printer online for information on how to update the HP printer driver.
  • Windows Update: There is also the option to update the printer driver using the Windows Update Tool manually. A service offered by Microsoft, this can only be done on a Windows PC or laptop.
  • If you choose to use the Automatic Updates feature in Windows, these updates will be performed automatically.
  • You can see, you should know the manufacturer’s software versions of a printer driver. If you are not aware of it, you may see an increase in machine downtime and errors, such as missing print files, resulting in reduced office productivity.

The Benefits Of Having An Updated Printer Driver

Installing a driver update tool provides:

  • Download speed and Internet connection up to 3 times faster
  • Better computer performance for games and audio applications.
  • Regular operation of all peripherals on your computer, such as printers, scanners, etc.
  • Overall, PC performance has improved with automatic driver updates, which will keep all devices and the computer in top condition.

You deserve the best and the latest.

The update not only fixes security vulnerabilities, but it can also add new features and improve existing ones. You don’t want to be left behind, do you?

That way, software updates affect you. Your software may have a new possibility of stability without further failure. Or an update can increase the performance of the program: faster speed. You don’t deserve less.